Are my passport details required? Why?
Yes. We will need your nationality and passport number and you will pass that information to your Casablanca fast track agent in order to escort you through immigration. These passport details and information need to be provided when booking.

How is fast-track immigration guaranteed?
Casablanca fast track has full ownership to separate fast-track immigration and customs line.

Can the pick-up sign have a chosen name other than mine?
That would cause no problem. All you need to do is include your request at the end of your reservation form.

How do i meet with my Casablanca fast track agent?
Your Casablanca fast track agent will greet you at your gate and will be holding a sign with your chosen name. And you will be called ahead of time in order to find out where you’ll be arriving, for the departure service. Your Casablanca fast track agent may request a call from you when you’re ten minutes way from the airport.

Can i book Casablanca fast track for someone else?
That’s one of our perks! If you wish to book Casablanca fast track for someone else you need to enter the passenger’s information when you log into your account. Keep an eye for updating the trip contact in the booking process if the itinerary and confirmation are meant for someone else other than yourself.

What if my Casablanca fast track agent is absent?
That is definitely not going to happen. However, for your peace of mind, you can contact us at the following numbers and we’ll provide immediate assistance in such case:
+212 688 58 61 61 or +212 524 448 275

Whats the refund and cancellation policy?
Cancellations and changes made between 48-24 hours will apply a $75 USD fee.
Cancellations and changes made in 24 fours before will provide NO REFUND.
Cancellations and changes made 48 hours before your scheduled service offers free cancellation.

Do you operate other airports?
We’re currently operating in Marrakech, Agadir, and Casablanca. And we’re taking over Morocco soon!

How do i book my Casablanca fast track?
It’s easy, simple and fun, all you have to do is click *here* and you’ll be done in mere minutes.

Does Casablanca fast track offer ground transportation?
Yes, we do. You can click *here* to book your Casablanca fast-track professional driver service.

What is Casablanca fast track?
Casablanca fast track offers you VIP airport concierge in Casablanca, helping you with your airport journey and escorting you until you’re safe and boarded. You will be met, greeted and bid farewell and you’ll enjoy the time spent in between. You will have a different airport experience when you have a helping hand, Casablanca fast track will help you go through security check-ups, immigration and customs in the most time-efficient way and you’ll board your flight as relaxed as you can get. You, your friends and family will definitely enjoy the wide variety of services that we provide.