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With Casablanca fast track, you will enjoy your airport experience. Whether you’re a high profile individual who rely on their punctuality, or a large group of friends and family that are in dire need of their vacation,Fast track Casablanca will include all of your needs and assist you through your airport experience.

Departures - Airport meet and greet

You will be greeted at the curbside and will be provided with various services, all in order to get you there on time, and with the minimum amount of effort.
You’ll love our services:

Baggage assistance

You will be assisted with your luggage and you won’t have to worry about dealing with luggage through your entire airport experience. Securing your luggage at the airport’s secure wrapping stations applies a fee that’s not included in Casablanca fast track, (only applicable if your airport has availability).

VAT refunds

All actions that need to be taken in order to receive a tax refund will be preformed by your Casablanca fast track concierge. and your tax refunds will be maximized before your flight.


Your frequent flyer status and airline will be used by Casablanca fast track to determine the fastest check-in option and this will also provide access to priority counters. Casablanca fast track grants you an enjoyable airport experience with providing baggage options, and hassle-free documentation.

Immigration, customs clearance, and Fast-track security

Our Casablanca fast track agent will escort you through customs and immigration, and security in the blink of an eye saving you time, and precious nerves. Or, in some cases you will be going through exclusive lanes.

Duty-free shopping assistance

With your budget and preferences into account, Fast track Casablanca will help you with your duty-free shopping, and your duty-free shopping will change for the better. Allowing you to shop at ease and earn discounts.

Lounge access assistance

You will be advised on paid options at airline lounges, third-party lounges, and alliance lounges. (Entry fees are not included in Casablanca fast track), and depending on your frequent flyer status, airfare class and loyalty cards, you will have other bonus advices.

Escort to gate

Fast track Casablanca also offers gate-escort, and with that you’ll spend less time waiting. You will be boarded on time and also be provided with access to special services in the airport and priority boarding options.

Connections - Airport assistance

Casablanca fast track connection service handles all types of connecting flights within the same airport, whether you’re flying International-to-International, International-to-Domestic, or Domestic-to-International. Casablanca fast track offers a transfer service that allocates three hours per traveling party. Accommodations can be made on case-by-case basis.
you will be greeted at your arriving gate by our Casablanca fast track agent, and they will be ready to assist you with:

Terminal transfer assistance

Casablanca fast track’s agent will ensure that you arrive on time and relaxed, we take time between your flights into account and do our best for your comfort and peace of mind.

Baggage recheck, customs and immigration, and expedited security

Your bags will be rechecked by us, and we will expedite any necessary security, customs and procedures if need be. Whether you’re traveling Internationally or you’re transferring to a domestic flight, Casablanca fast track has got everything under control.

Lounge and gate escort

You will be escorted to lounges where you can gather your thoughts and unwind for a while before you’re escorted to your gate by your concierge. (Entry fees to lounges are not included in Casablanca fast track).

Arrivals - Airport meet and assist

You will be escorted through your entire airport experience, whether you’re arriving home and can’t wait to settle in, or you’ve just reached your vacation destination, Casablanca fast track will escort you through:

Fast-track immigration

If applicable, you will deal with immigration procedures upon arrival, and you will save precious time that’s wasted in queues dealing with complicated immigration policies. Casablanca fast track surely has that covered and you’ll accumulate enough time to have a drink and relax for a while.

Porter service, Baggage assistance

Casablanca fast track offers porter service and baggage assistance, and you will be escorted through customs to your final transportation option.

Customs control

Casablanca fast track offers tax minimisation strategies that are preformed by our concierge on any valuable items that you may be carrying with you, and you’ll be escorted through customs control by your Casablanca fast track agent.

Safe ground transportation

Casablanca fast track will arrange grasportaion options with your budget and group size taken into account.