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We’re licensed

First up, nobody wants to book an unlicensed business. The crucial flaws that you will encounter when doing so will definitely ruin all of your plans, and there’s no guarantee. Casablanca fast track is fully bonded and licensed under the number : 44/17.

We guarantee your satisfaction

Casablanca fast track guarantees your satisfaction and ensures that you will enjoy - at last - your journey of going through an airport. We eliminate the fuss and the busy queues for your satisfaction. You will also be offered porter service so you can bag as heavy as you want (please consider your weight limit).

Choosing the right service provider

Your trust in a brand does not happen overnight. Casablanca fast track understands that it’s a fact and there is nothing we could do to change that. So, by offering quality service and competitive prices we’re able to maintain our reputation in the fast-track business. Here are 5 reasons why you’ll love booking Casablanca fast track.

Book your Casablanca Fast Track and Casablanca Airport Lounge

casablanca fast track
  • Fast Track Pass

From 20.00€

casablanca fast track
  • Airport Lounge Pass

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casablanca fast track
  • Fast Track Pass
  • Airport Lounge Pass

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Casablanca Fast Track is a VIP Airport Assistance

You may be impatiently longing for some vacation time, or you’re in the middle of a stress crisis and can not afford to lose any minute. Or, well, you just want to get there fast. We get it. Casablanca Fast track gets it. We have everything under control and your airport experience will be a ‘good’ thing from now on.

With Casablanca fast track’s services, you will go through the entire airport journey in the blink of an eye, while earning refunds and saving up money and time. You will earn VAT refunds and be assisted with your duty-free shopping. Your fast track Casablanca concierge will be present and next to you during the entire journey. The era of packing light in order to save time is long gone as you will be provided with porter service. Have a comfortable journey and enjoy your time at the airport when using our fast track Casablanca services. You will be whisked through immigration and customs control and right through security.

It’s fairly easy to create your account and book our Casablanca fast track service. After choosing your name and setting up the necessities you can count that you’ll be there on time and with the least amount of hassle. Casablanca fast track will get you right through everything and you will love your airport journey.

We will recheck your bags, get you VAT refunds, help you with your duty-free shopping and whisk you through the airport regulations. Departing or arriving, fast track Casablanca has it all under control. Your family, friends and yourself will definitely enjoy our various services.

The dull and boring part in every airport experience will be completely committed. You will enjoy the time spent between flights and the money you can save on VAT refunds. Your personal concierge will help you with terminal transfer assistance and check you in. All you have left to do is relax, and enjoy the ride!

Quick departures

Our Casablanca fast track agent will help you with:

  • Luggage and checking-in
  • Immigration and security fast-track
  • Escort to/from gate
  • VAT refunds and duty-free shopping
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Smooth connections!

Fast track Casablanca ensures you boarding on time, and you’ll have everything you need. You will be provided with:

  • Assistance with terminal connection
  • Expedited immigration and customs
  • Assistance with Baggage recheck
  • Fast-track security
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Convenient and fast arrivals

Fast track Casablanca alters your arrivals and you’ll be more relaxed. Offering:

  • Porter service
  • Assistance with ground transportation
  • Fast-track through immigration and customs
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casablanca fast track

You’re always on our mind!

You’ll love your airport experience when we’re around, it’s unwinding, and hassle-free.

Better your airport experience

You can book online 24/7, and enjoy the airport experience. Fast track Casablanca will make sure you’re greeted at the gate, and you will be escorted throughout the airport.

Competing prices

We provide all-inclusive rates prior to your booking.

Enjoyable, and productive

Casablanca fast track focuses on punctuality and your peace of mind.

You’ll get there on time, and with minimal wait time

Casablanca fast track offers you affordable fast-track immigration and customs services, so you can experience a better time at the airport. Making it faster and more enjoyable!

1 Create an account

Simple, and free of cost.

2 Make your booking

Book your airport services with our straightforward booking form.

3 All done!

You can now enjoy your airport experience, and we’re sure that you’ll love it!

Expedited arrivals

Casablanca fast track eliminates the dull part in your airport experience, and you’ll enjoy your time spent between flights, or getting to one. Instead of worrying all the time, you will enjoy your time and you’ll get to your destination relaxed and in a timely manner.

  • Expedited immigration
  • Customs control
  • Baggage assistance
  • Car rental assistance

Comfortable transfers

Our fast track Casablanca agent will meet up with you and whisk you through all the necessary check points. You’ll be accompanied and ran through in the blink of an eye. The tiring waiting moments are long gone and you’ll board your plane feeling jubilant!

  • Personal concierge
  • Baggage recheck
  • Terminal transfer assistance
  • Fast-track immigration and customs

Quick departures

You will be walked right through security and immigration in order for you to board your flight on time and without waiting at long, pesky lines. Fast track Casablanca changes your airport experience and you’ll appreciate our services.

  • Check-in
  • Fast-track immigration and customs
  • VAT refunds
  • Duty-free shopping advice
  • Gate-escort
  • Baggage assistance

Casablanca fast track
is an absolute necessity for

Business passengers

Productive, effortless, and cost-efficient also really fun!

VIP travelers

Arrive at your destination relaxed, full of energy and on time.

Large groups & families

The more, the merrier! the whole group will definitely enjoy Casablanca fast track.

Casablanca airport lounge

Our lounge is equipped with every necessity you would need whether you were in a rush trying to cope with stress or work in the nick of time or you feel like relaxing before your flight, our lounge has it all!

Casablanca airport lounge

Purchase Casablanca Airport Lounge Access Starting at 25€

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